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Why is it necessary to pay attention to air purification and lung protection from SARS-CoV-2virus?  For one, but good reason - a person inhales 14 kg (30.8 pounds) of air per day, and this isseveral times more than the weight of the food he consumes. 

At the same time, everyone is concerned about the quality of the products, but they only remembered about air safety duringthe COVID-19 epidemic.

Our main protector is our Sun, whose ultraviolet radiation destroys seasonal outbreaks of flu and other infections.  But as the experience of the COVID-19 epidemic has shown, the most effective measures, quarantine, do not allow the use of this blessing granted to everyone in a post-industrial society.  At risk were people locked up in enclosed spaces: houses, on transport and in the workplace.

In this situation, help is provided by artificial sources of UV radiation, which quickly destroys the protein and nucleic structures of the virus from single-stranded RNA, such as coronaviruses, and a dose of 339-423 μW * s / cm² with an ultraviolet wavelength of 254 nm gives 90% -  disinfection of air.

This principle is based on modern ultraviolet room sterilization carried out by UV lamps and UV recirculators.  For example, a California-based company Dimer UCV Innovations has been operating in the UV disinfection of vehicle interiors since 2014, and the presence of UV disinfectors is a prerequisite for the operation of surgery rooms and blood transfusion centers in most developed countries. 

However, despite the high capabilities of UV equipment, its use in everyday life, in rooms where children are located, in offices, in workplaces and in places with high traffic or prolonged stay of people, there are some restrictions: the use of UV lamps is allowed only with the absence of people during the operation of the device, and the action of the UV recirculator helps to reduce the incidence of personnel  only up to 25%, in view of the low productivity (by air) of this equipment

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