• Air cleaners for your workplace: simple solutions = big misconceptions.

    In the workplace, everyone has a responsibility to protect not only their health but the health of their co-workers, customers, and visitors. This...
  • COVID-19 and UV air cleaners

        A renowned scientist and intensivist, Dr. Paul Marik, Chief of the Pulmonary Department of Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, made a v...
  • HEPA filters & UV disinfection systems – promises & reality

    With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the air disinfection machines have become vital not only for medical institutions, but they turned out to be the only means for ensuring the epidemiological safety of people in their homes, offices, and those involved in the machine industry. But despite the fact that the topic of air disinfection is on everyone's lips, most people do not understand what devices can be used for disinfection in public. 
  • Not just a virus!

    The SARS-CoV-2 virus is quite unusual. The currently known respiratory viruses infect the upper respiratory tract causing tracheitis and bronchitis, when pneumonia occurs as a complication of a bacterial nature, due to the weakened organism.
  • About our UV air purifiers

    Our devices have two main purposes:

    1. To eliminate, inhibit, and deter non-biological pathogenic agents including viruses and prions (a type of protein that causes fatal brain diseases)
    2. To destroy, inhibit, and deter biological pathogens of infectious or parasitic diseases including bacteria and multicellular parasites