About us

Living and working in clean spaces is essential for peoples’ health and wellbeing. At DDD Technology Corp., we design air purification devices that protect your health by fighting harmful viruses and bacteria. Combining our knowledge of the physics of air movement with our understanding of modern needs, we create solutions for every home and business.

Our company has always developed high-tech solutions for heating, ventilation, power supply, and renewable energy resources. Today, our focus is on safeguarding you against ever-changing threats to your health. The COVID-19 pandemic is one such threat. We’re actively working to fight COVID-19 by producing air disinfection devices that remove pathogens and leave behind clean, healthy air.

We’re a group of engineers and doctors collaborating to keep you and your loved ones safe from potentially deadly viruses. Our patented* air sterilization devices can be used in all types of enclosed and occupied spaces. We have solutions for every need, from UV fans to wall-ceiling mounted devices to free-standing units. Browse our catalog to find the device that works best for you.*

DDD Technology Corp. is a subsidiary company of Thermodynamics LLC, founded in 1988.

Patent submitted and pending.