What we offer: Four tasks performed by our UV air purifiers

When it comes to improving the quality of the air we breathe, DDD Technology Corp. takes a fresh approach. We’ve challenged the conventional ways of building climatology to create innovative solutions relevant to modern needs. Our goal is to give everyone clean, pure, disinfected air in their homes and workplaces for easier breathing and better health.

We Think Differently

Our UV air purifiers are built on reliable sterilization and disinfection technologies. Such technologies are integrated into single ventilation units, giving you a multifunctional product that covers all your needs. As our devices protect against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens, they improve health, wellbeing, and productivity.

We design our devices to effectively remove allergens and harmful microbes from the air. This ensures you’re protected against allergic reactions and airborne infections, including the COVID-19 virus. Our devices remove:

  • -oxins and endotoxins
  • Pathogens and antigens
  • Viruses and bacteria
  • Dust, pollen, and soil particles
  • Yeast, fungal spores, and mold
  • Biological weapons (in extreme cases) 

The result is clean air and a reduced risk of contracting infectious diseases or having your allergies triggered. When you breathe healthy air, you feel healthier too.

How Our Devices Work

Using directed air flow and ultraviolet disinfection, our devices rid the air of harmful microbes. We have various models capable of sterilizing differently-sized spaces; all are safe for use in occupied premises.

The following four tasks can be performed by our UV air purifiers:

     1. Fast, effective, and continuous indoor air inactivation

Rapid, directed air recirculation (up to 15m) suppresses the formation of focal points containing high concentrations of bioaerosols, viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria, mold, fungus, yeast spores, and other infectious microorganisms. This is particularly useful in premises that people inhabit for longer periods of time, such as hospital wards, classrooms, prisons, and public transport.


Fig. 1: The “dirty” air mass displacement downwards by the disinfected air, followed by its utilization by the lower air intake

     2. The creation of areas with positive pressure

Such areas are safe from contamination. The treated and disinfected air is pumped into the zones of negative pressure, protecting the area from contaminated air. This is beneficial in recreation spaces, offices, and other workplaces.

Fig. 2:  A "dome" (shield) created by the disinfected air of positive pressure

     3. The zoning of premises

Premises are divided into “clean” and “dirty” areas using the air flow that creates a “screen” between them. This is possible within premises or at building/street boundaries.


Fig. 3: A "curtain" (shield) created by the disinfected air

     4. Volumetric disinfection of premises

This is achieved by supplying large volumes of the treated air at low speed, with the potential for it to be pumped back from the contaminated area to the disinfection zone. This solution is ideal for protecting people in premises with high ceilings, such as industrial workshops and retail spaces.

 Fig. 4: Volumetric disinfection of room air

The Science Behind the Performance

To make such protection possible, we developed several multifunctional, compact, and modular devices. They’re designed to ensure the safety of premises and the people within them from most biological threats.

Our devices have many smart functions including

  • - Air zoning
  • - Air separation
  • - Volumetric air disinfection in the presence of people

Additional modules help to sterilize the air, surfaces, and areas of the space. Disinfection is combined with sterilization to destroy both the biological pathogens and the carriers of infectious or parasitic diseases.

Our devices consist of a basic unit (one or several powerful air disinfection units), a fan and/or an air supply system for directing and concentrating the supplied air flow. There is the option to have the device fitted with a wide range of additional modules to enable it to perform the following tasks:

  • Sterilize open surfaces in the room
  • Disinfect the lower part of the room volume, including areas inaccessible to the surface sterilizer (for floor-standing devices only)
  • Disinfect the upper part of the room volume
  • Extra filtration or disinfection via a HEPA standard filter
  • Add fresh outdoor air to displace “dirty” indoor air (for floor-standing devices only)
  • Make the entire device mobile for transportation

How Our Air Disinfection Devices Will Benefit You

Air disinfection and purification devices are multi-beneficial in homes, workplaces, and commercial premises. They can be used in many different settings including schools, gyms, movie theatres, canteens, waiting rooms, industrial workshops, and on public transport. Wherever people live, work, or congregate, our devices will keep them safe.


When organizing air exchange in such a way that the decontaminated air is supplied directly to the breathing area of people in the room, and the contaminated air is displaced outside the area of the person's location, the risk of transmission of viral infections from one person to another is reduced significantly. This statement is confirmed by the research of scientists: when using protective ventilation systems, the probability of infection with measles is reduced to 2%, flu-up to 1 %. Thus, the use of protective ventilation systems in rooms with permanent locations of people (for example, in office premises) is an extremely promising engineering solution to prevent the spread of viral infections transmitted by airborne droplets.  

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