The Offer

The device is an air recirculator providing biological protection that is able to simultaneously carry out disinfestation, disinfection, and serve as a pest repellent. The device treats the air of the occupied room in the following sequence: air is fed through the irradiation zone with UV lamps and through the internal disinfection chamber (if a UV irradiating chamber is used) of the device. After that, the purified and disinfected air is supplied to places of work/resident/leisure to prevent an infection.

Disinfection is carried out using a combination of measures in order to achieve complete sterilization of air in the dedicated space. The device is able to be used in classrooms, gyms, cinemas, cafeterias, vehicles (including public transport), waiting rooms (including in airports and train stations), as well as larger areas, such as factories and malls, as well as any other room used for a large and long-term assembly of people.

The equipment is powered from a single-phase city network, the power consumption depends on the performance and ranges from 0.1 to 1 kW / h.  An unconditional guarantee is the trouble-free operation of the equipment during the year, an extended warranty is possible with the included service.

Our offer provides the solution for continuity of public service and administration and the safety of citizens when we are in a state of epidemiological danger. By installing this product we can ensure that at least inside areas are safe and people going to work feel assured that they are protected and operate in virus-free environment and do not carry back home any danger from work.

ATTENTION: when selecting equipment operating in the recirculator mode (UV recirculators, air conditioners with UV lamps, central ventilation with UV blocks and ionizers, etc.), you need to make sure that the air disinfection unit has the proper power - for example, the UVs installed today in air conditioners  lamps have a low power to destroy coronaviruses, but they can mix the viral aerosol over the entire volume of the room and contribute to the spread of infection!

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