The Problem

Despite the many epidemics suffered by humanity, we were not ready for the COVID-19 pandemic, where the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, unfamiliar to our immunity, after getting intothe lungs and infecting the alveoli (without nerve endings) - leads to a prolonged asymptomaticcourse of the disease  COVID-19, in the absence of any protective reaction of the body.

The COVID-19 pandemic shows a complete lack of preparedness to combat such an infectious disease. Current measures, including quarantining, social distancing, restriction of activity and movement, as well as mandatory personal protective equipment (respirators, airtight protective suits) significantly limit the freedom of citizens, damage financial security of enterprises and small businesses, and overall resulting in the destruction of the state economy.

At the same time, essential workers including the police, the military, healthcare providers, retail and restaurant employees, and continuous production workers are engaged in the process of providing basic needs and rights of the population. Those who are supporting the foundations of a civilized society are held hostage to the situation and are forced to sacrifice their health and life for the benefit of the community.

In addition, quarantine measures have their own drawbacks – those confined to certain spaces, including at home, in transit, and at the workplace, are at risk. An alarming number of infections in hospital wards and nursing homes require a radical decision to ensure the safety of the public in a post-industrial society in epidemiologically dangerous conditions.

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